Law Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a professional nongovernmental association dedicated to legal research and advocacy. It was founded in 2010 by a group of legal researchers and practitioners inspired by similar institutes in Europe and the United States. The Institute is registered with the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The goals and activities of Law Institute in BIH are:

  • public advocacy of issues relevant to improvement of rule of law, democracy and human rights;
  • participation in scientific and research activities pertinent to legal science;
  • participation in research of comparative law;
  • contributing towards the harmonization of legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with that of European Union (EU acquis);
  • assistance in education and professional education of lawyers and others in the domain of legal issues;
  • assistance in implementation of projects pertinent to the domain of law;
  • submission of legislative initiatives to the legislative and other bodies;
  • creation of legal opinions, case studies and analysis;
  • publication of scientific and research works or studies;
  • participation in organization of scientific conferences and other professional assemblies regarding significant legal issues;
  • exchange of experience and ideas with other similar domestic and foreign scientific and professional institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and above all sharing experiences with institutes, think tanks, universities, law faculties and professional associations;
  • public advocacy in implementation and encouragement of legal ethic, legal science and legal thought.

The bodies of Law Institute in BIH are Assembly, Steering Board, Director and Executive Secretary.

Law Institute in BIH also has organizational units – departments. These are: Department of Law with sections, Department for Programmes and Projects and Department for cooperation and publications. Each Department is led by the Head of Department. Law Institute in BIH also has a Scientific Council comprised of university professors and scientific-research staff in ranks: research associate, junior research fellow, research fellow and senior research fellow.