To the web presentation of  Law Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Law Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a scientific-research professional nongovernmental association

registered with the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Team of Law Institute in BiH


About us

Law Institute in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a professional nongovernmental association dedicated to legal research and advocacy. It was founded in 2010 by a group of legal researchers and practitioners  inspired by similar institutes   in Europe and the United States…read more



Pravni Institut u Bosni i Hercegovini

The goals and activities of Law Institute in BIH are:

  • public advocacy of issues relevant to improvement of rule of law, democracy and human rights,
  • participation in scientific and research activities pertinent to legal science;
  • participation in research of comparative law;
  • contributing towards the harmonization of legislation of Bosnia and Herzegovina with that of European Union (EU acquis);
  • assistance in education and professional education of lawyers and others in the domain of legal issues;
  • assistance in implementation of projects pertinent to the domain of law;
  • submission of legislative initiatives to the legislative and other bodies…read more


Law institute in BiH

A.B. Šimića 3

71000 Sarajevo

Tel: +387 61 23 74 65

Tel: +387 61 34 89 26

Fax: +387 33 61 01 77

e-mail: info@lawinstitute.ba

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